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    100% fresh heating and cooling calculation?

    I am trying to find the cooling(TR) and heating (KW) for a fresh air unit supplying 100% fresh air to multiple rooms in the same floor.
    I have calculated the room loads in normal way and i am using the same dehumidified CFM as the required fresh air quantity to different rooms, is it okey? Total de-hum cfm for rooms is 955 cfm and i want use a single customized tfa unit of 955 cfm for supplying to different rooms. I need to find the TR and Heating KW for the unit.
    Conditions are:
    Please guide me in the calculation.

    DB RH WB gr/lb
    Room condition (summer) 75 50 61.72 64.61
    Room condition (winter) 70 45 57.01 48.3
    Ambient condition(summer) 98.6 60 85.86 168.2
    Ambient condition(winter) 44.6 45 35.82 19.46
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