Hey there all you cold freaks !!!!

We have a noisy fridge from Turbo air, model:TOM-60S(B)
serial : TMS60159003 and after troubleshooting it, I found out that the noise was coming from a piece they call '' EVA CON MOTOR '' it's a little kinda stick that barely touches water from condensate in the condensate pan, and it whirls in circle like crazy, so my question is this : '' What the hell is the purpose of that piece ? '' Excuse my ignorance, but in my 27 years in the trade, it's the first time I come across such a thing...I have to add on my behalf though that we don't get equipment from that company too often here in Montreal, Canada. So is it worth the trouble replacing it, or can the fridge work fine without it ??

Thanks for reading me and a good summer to all of you !!!

Pierre Paquin
Montreal, Quebec, Canada