I have recently done a little work for a flood restoration company that use quite a few dehumidifiers. I've been given a couple of units where the compressors are u/s - seized I think. I've spoken to the agents/manufacturers about replacement compressors, but in one case lead time is 1 month (Tecumseh made in Brazil and not available in Europe)and in the other case it seems very expensive (Matsu****a made in Japan.) Just realised that in the interests of good taste forum admin will not allow me to use correct name of manufacturer! Anyway, the parent company of Panasonic.

From Matu****a ident plate and using internet I can see its a 12cc compressor, with a bit of work I can probably do same with Tecumseh. I'm tempted to buy a similiar sized rotary compressor from SRW - Samsung 12.2 cc available for 120.00+vat.

My question is, a rotary compressors a rotary compressor isn't it? Triangular mounting plates all appear similar and I can check on port sizes - as long as they are R22 and 240 volt am I likely to notice any difference in performance if I more or less match compressor capacity?