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    Dimethyl Ether as a refrigerant

    Hello everyone!
    I know that Dimethyl Ether (DME or RE170) can be used as a refrigerant. The main disadvantage of DME is its exlopsivity and the main advantages are 0 ODP and 2 or 3 GWP .Theoretically it can be used only in very small refrigeration plants. Do you actually know or heard about someone really using it?

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    Re: Dimethyl Ether as a refrigerant

    Here is another twist on the same subject:

    composed of (60%) Ammonia & (40%) Dimethyl ether (% on mass basis)

    This is the only application I have heard of where dimethyl ether is used. At least in the last 50 years or so I am aware of.

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