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    Question is my fridge working properly?

    First of all I apologise in advance to all the professionals on this forum as this is another one of those 'my fridge ain't working' questions. However, I've read a few similar threads on this forum and people have been quite helpful. If anything blame Brian_UK as reading his replies has made me post I'm from the UK too and I'm sure he knows how everything is a rip off over here and I wanted to see if anyone could help before I paid 70 callout charge to find out that my fridge is fine.

    Basically I wanted to know if fridges have seperate fans to circulate air? And if so, how can I access it? The reason I ask is that when I open the fridge door the light switch also activates the fridge compartment, but the freezer continues to run. I think but i'm not 100% sure that my fridge isn't working properly because the cool air only trickles out of the air vents and the fridge itself seems much quieter than before which is why I was wondering if there is a seperate fan that might be broken.

    I've surfed to quite a few websites and I've learnt all about fridges but have found nothing about how the fridge door switch triggers the fridge operation on and off while the freezer still runs. I opened the back of my fridge and cleaned the condenser coils and the fan and I've also opened the panel inside the freezer to check the fan in there was working properly. From what I've learnt so far I understand that the fan in the freezer blows cool air into the fridge and since that fan is working I'm assuming that the fridge must be working.

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    The refrigerator compartment of your typical household refrigerator/freezer (which is what I assume that you are referring to) is usually cooled via a damper which allows the air circulating in the freezer to enter the refrigerator compartment. This damper is actually the "freezer (temperature) control". A knob or lever in the freezer compartment.

    Check the setting of that freezer 'control'. loading the freezer compartment can result in accidental adjustment of the control, or someone in the house may have decided that they wanted the ice cream frozen as hard as possible and turned the control to the "coldest" setting. Actually what happens when that is done, is a smaller volume of refrigerated air is allowed to be introduced into the refrigerator compartment. Does the machine seem to run all the time?

    Set the refrigerator control, and the freezer control to their "center" or middle positions. Then make slight adjustments as you see fit.

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