Does anybody have an experience with danfoss 781 pack.controller, it's intermittently causing pressure transducers to spike,(transducers and cables replaced).
It's in a dt co2 pack the lt is independently controlled.
When I was working on the system the other day I had the laptop plugged in and it kicked me our of the service tool, and the comm LED lit up and stopped the HT compressors, the LT ran until they hit high discharge ( high HT suction), as quick as the system faulted and shut down it reset and ran like nothing happened it did this 3x in 30 minutes but not done it since.
When I've looked into the fault in the user manual it's a communication fault on the PC board dies anybody have a better understanding or can explain that to me in simpler terms, I'm pretty sure the controller is faulty but I'm trying to understand what the fault means !!!
Thanks in adcance