the last 3 weeks I have done major overhaul on an XRV163-165, XRV204-165 and a XRV204-110.

I just started on the second XRV204-110, snagged a go pro camera from out PR guy and made some video of the disassembly.
Can be seen here:

I'm going to start putting humpty dumpty back together tomorrow and I'll try to make a video of the full assembly if anyone is interested.

The 110 is kinda interesting, because it is so short it's the only XRV204 where you can pull the slidevalve out through the front of the compressor.

There is a special tool you can fit through the discharge port to keep it from sliding to far forward (can be seen in the video at 1:55).

So if you find yourself replacing an actuator piston seal on an XRV204-110, first make sure to set the manual Vi spindle ALL THE WAY clockwise, this will release the pressure on the spring so it won't push the slidevalve all the way out.

Also take care when pulling the actuator piston out, make sure it doesn't snag on the threads on the center bolt and you inadvertently pull the valve to far.

Like I mentioned, there is a special tool, but who want's to disconnect the coupling, suction flange, discharge flange and all the oil lines just to replace an actuator piston seal right

as long as you are careful and not pull it to far forward, it will stay in place.

I have had a colleague find himself in the unfortunate situation where he pulled it to far out and the whole slidevalve fell down into the discharge chamber.

It is possible to get it back in without taking the compressor apart, but it took me around 2 hours elbow deep in the actuator piston housing before I got it back in position... so it is possible, but it is absolutely not something I want to do again