Hi Guys
A long one but please bare with me!
Last week I overheard a conversation between my daughter in law and her friend. which led me to discover quite an appalling situation.
Basically it transpires that the friend, her partner and 4yr old Son have been without heating via the heat pump since January 2021. They have Hot water because i assume the Immersion Heater is kicking in.
They both work alternating shifts as they are both young police officers. Using an Electric oil filled heater in their lounge as heat!!!
Hearing this I said I would try and help them!
I explained that prior to my retirement in Jan 2020 I had,had 32 yrs in the industry. And still held all the relevant Tickets necessary to work on Refrigeration Equipment of all types!
Including Advanced Fault finding for Daikin Altherma Systems. I was unsure as to how far i could go, because i no longer had Public liability or the backup of an employer. But i was willing to help try and diagnose the issue/s at least.
So I arrive at their nearly new Build (2017 I suspect)
Apparently they had a leak under their stairs which was repaired by a Plumber (who was an ex refrigeration engineer apparently?)And the outside froze up?? This may be a red herring it could of been the condenser? Once i go back with a refractomer to check the Glycol level I will know more.
Despite the leak repair the Plumber was unable to get the heat pump working advising them that a PCB board was faulty which would cost them 500.00 to replace having been paid he went off never to be seen again!
I asked if they had any manuals for the controller or Heat Pump --- "No the plumber took them with him!"

Checking the controller which i have not seen before but i was able to confirm that there did not appear to be any faults showing. Which is what the lady had been told when she spoke directly to LG who talked her through the controller. ie It should work?
Picture of the controller in the link below. Sadly the model number is obscured I have asked for another.
I then went outside to look at the Condensing unit. Guess what the data plate has been tampered with having had the model details obscured. Discuss!!!
So I cannot Progress this any further unless someone with access to the relevant info can assist me.
Then i can at least work out who,when and How we can move forward.
Apparently there are large numbers of Heat Pumps being installed by Plumbers. There is a big market there for
someone (Obviously Younger than Me!) but with the right skills.
I hope to hear from someone as i do feel sorry for this couple.
Thanks Guys Grizzly