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    Exclamation Mitsi VRF Burst Pipe

    Hi All,

    I've joined this post to see if I can gain more knowledge on an issue I encountered recently.

    We have installed a misti vrf system (2 pipe) on a site over 6 months ago in London. The system pipe length from the BC box to the outdoor is around 90m (within the Parameters on the City multi Tool).
    The system was functioning for 6 months until recently when the pipe split at the height of the pipe run and leaked the gas. We have repaired the pipe and it was working again until a few days ago when the outdoor temperature dropped in the latest cold snap. The same problem occurred, again we have repaired and it is operational again.

    Has anyone else experienced this?

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    Re: Mitsi VRF Burst Pipe

    Was the split in the pipe running along the length of the tube or around its circumference?
    Is the edge of the split flared outwards or in towards the centre of the tube?
    Was the split near any components, bends, brazes ect..?
    What copper did you use? From known supplier or cheap stuff?
    Interested to hear about opportunities to learn. -

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