Whenever it rains a whole day outside, the ac wall units get a big wet circle around them on the ceiling above (see pictures). We have had the AC units for about 4 years, and this is the first time it is happening. It keeps happening to two of our ac units. We can hear the waterdroplets constantly drop to the ground and into the AC wall unit. After turning the AC unit off, the unit feels very very hot to the touch.

The unit is mounted 5 cm from the ceiling. Could this be the cause, must the distance between the air intake and ceiling be more than 5 cm (2 inches)?Pi7_Image_AC-4.jpgPi7_Image_AC-1.jpgPi7_Image_AC-2.jpgPi7_Image_AC-3.jpg

What could be causing this?

After the company serviced the units, mysterious black streaks started appearing on the left and right side of all out AC units. We also do not know where the brown streaks are coming from. When touching it, it feels like crystals have formed in the brown droplets and it also feels a little bit oily.

Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric
Model: MSZ-LN18VGW

Hope to solve the mysteries soon!