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    Help with air con unit placement. Angled ceiling, high windows.


    Iím building a new home, and am struggling to get some decent help from the air conditioning supplier in terms of placement.

    Also, I live in Finland and donít speak Finnish well, so Iím struggling with language barrier a bit.

    * 2 story house
    * Air conditioning unit upstairs
    * Only two possible locations due to having an angled ceiling and high windows on external walls
    * Iíve included a couple of images.
    * The first one is the upstairs floor plan, and Iíve marked out two walls with red blocks.
    * The other two are 3D models showing potential placements.

    Potential Challenges
    * Routing the piping through the walls to a good external location may becoming an issue for the main internal wall?
    * The air con in the main wall would be above a stair case. Loss of cool air downstairs? Upstairs wonít get enough cool air flow?

    Files attached
    * Floor plan of second floor. Red blocks indicates areas where unit could go.
    * Two 3D models of possible places. External wall placement is less desirable.

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Help with air con unit placement. Angled ceiling, high windows.

    I'd say the outside wall option (that is an outside wall right?) is best as pipes can run externally in trunking with a gravity drain.
    Are you intending to use this primarily for heating?
    Hot air rising from downstairs might be an issue in cooling so the unit might have to be sized a bit larger. Otherwise to your advantage if you want to heat the room.

    You can angle the airflow left or right on units so could get it to blow away from the stairs. Looking again at the 3D mock up I don't think it will be a major issue as the glass barrier looks like it would deflect air if it's on the outside wall. If it's above the stairs air should blow over the top and into the room.

    Otherwise is there a ceiing void you can fit a ducted unit in and run outlets in the ceiling?

    Health and safety first..........unless I'm in a hurry.

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