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    thermal cameras for setup/trouble shooting?

    I watch a few refrigeration guys on youtube sometimes, nice to see how other people do things etc.

    one guy (seams like he knows what he's doing) uses a thermal imaging camera sometimes

    checks for temp drop over filter driers, temp difference across a condenser and checks the liquid level in the receiver

    seamed like a good idea to me so I bought myself one

    giving it a go out of the box I thought I'd check the liquid level in a few receivers... but mine all read the same temperature top to bottom

    what's going on? what's the difference here? I wasn't expecting much of a temp difference, part of me thinks it should all be at ambient temp but maybe fluctuations in the level change the temp of the gas in the top of it?

    any ideas anyone? anyone else use one?

    no idea why it works on youtube but not for me

    maybe hotter countries with higher ambient temp? I (should) have solid liquid feed to receiver, where in higher ambient there might have bubbles in it?

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    Re: thermal cameras for setup/trouble shooting?

    Good for electrical panel checks.
    Is it just a receiver on a commercial unit the youtuber is checking or industrial?
    Maybe the tuber is catching the condenser fan cycling?
    You might be able to fire some discharge gas into the top of the receiver to show where the cool liquid level is.
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