looking to swap out a dead compressor

a scroll would be quieter which would be better

two 7hp Copeland Scroll 7 ZB50KCE-TFD-551 would be a good match for the condenser/evaporator (and have been found locally, good used, cheap)

haven't setup parallel compressors before, according to Copeland datasheet as long as both compressors are running at the same time (all the time) I can just parallel them with a length of pipe to the oil level port?


worried oil will migrate from one to the other... with suction/discharge/oil ports all run in parallel, and compressors wired to run together it shouldn't be a problem?

I'll probably add a 5 second time delay to one compressor start up, so both aren't starting up at the some time putting high load on electrical supply

any ideas/input before I bite the bullet and buy the compressors?