We have a two year old Daikin multi system that we've been generally very happy with - the external unit is a 3MXM52N and we have two internal units FTXM25N in bedrooms.

The problem is the noise from one of the internal units that we couldn't mount onto an external wall so the installers put an Aspen peristaltic pump in the loft to remove condensate.

After they installed it I spent some time in the loft decoupling the pump from the roof beam that it's attached to which has largely dealt with the mechanical grinding noise that the device makes. You can still hear it inside the house but it's not actually driving me insane.

In our bedroom the Daikin unit is nice and quiet - just low level white noise that is easy to live with - but for the last two years I have spent countless hours trying and failing to sleep through the constant clicking sound of the peristaltic pump's operation and I'm hoping for some advice.

My original plan was to run a gravity powered overflow pipe from the unit to an outside wall, but this would require a convoluted path that would be visible in at least two rooms. I even contemplated running a pipe down the wall and collecting the water in a container that I could water our houseplants with.

I wonder if anyone can recommend a really quiet solution? I've been looking at the Aspen Mini range. I'm just a little worried that my idea of quiet is different to Aspen's. Also, we have our system serviced once a year which seems to involve just cleaning the filters. It would be nice if the solution doesn't involve a big increase in maintenance.