Recently, one of my refrigerator got damaged due to frequent voltage fluctuations, despite having in-built voltage stabilizer claimed to be installed by the manufacturer. So, I intend to use another refrigerator (LG Fresh Master) having 170 (or so) liter capacity with an external voltage stabilizer. This LG refrigerator has not been used for almost one decade. So, technical specification affixed behind its body is not readable. I do not have its papers handy so as to know the model number. Despite extensive web search, I have failed to guess model number and find technical specification. However, I have found following details printed on its compressor.



I think -

LRA denotes Locked Rotor Amps, the maximum current spike during a motor start.

RLA points to Rated Load Amps, the current that a compressor draws while operating (not startup).

I have shortlisted following voltage stabilizer based on my little understanding.

Voltage Stabilizer: V-Guard VGSD 50

Capacity: 2 Ampere

Working range (input): 130 VAC-290 VAC

Use suggested by manufacturer: One refrigerator up to 300 litre

Time delay: 3 Minutes 20 Seconds ITDS

Question: Since LRA of installed compressor is 8.1 Ampere, whether shortlisted voltage stabilizer will work perfectly, as its capacity is only 2 Ampere.