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    Scotsman CU50 icemaker inoperative

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I have a Scotsman CU50PA-1C icemaker in my home that’s only 16 months old. We were on vacation for three weeks and I always turn off the water at our home and unplug the icemaker when gone for a while. When I plugged it in upon return and pressed the power button the icemaker started normally, but stopped making ice after harvesting about two loads. I could not restart the unit so I unplugged it, waited a bit, plugged it back in, pressed the power button and it started again. After harvesting about five loads of ice it stopped again. This time I could not get it to restart. Pressing the power button does not turn it on. I also noticed that all of the LED indicators are ever-so dimly lit which I’m not sure if that’s always the way they were. After leaving the unit plugged in for a while when I come back to it the unit seems to be in the clean mode. The green power LED is illuminated, the Time To Clean LED is flashing yellow, and water is being pumped through the system as if it’s in clean mode. Pressing the power button to exit the clean mode does nothing. It continues to pump water through the system until I unplug it. After plugging it back in it did the same thing, seemingly goes into clean mode after sitting for a while. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance?

    Update: Today I opened up the unit and re-seated all of the connections on the controller board. I started it up and it ran fine for the first load of ice. After about 40 minutes it seemed to go into harvest mode but the ice did not come out. In the past it harvested about every 30 minutes. At this point the Power and Time To Clean lights were flashing on the control panel. I unplugged the power, let it rest for five minutes and plugged it back in. All three lights were flashing on the control panel (Power, Check Water, and Time To Clean). Some residual ice did eventually fall into the bin but they were small and deformed. Unplugged again and after starting again it seemed to start but was actually heating the evaporator platen so I shut it down. The first thing that comes to mind is a bad control board but that's simply a guess based on how odd its acting.
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