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    How to caculate finned tubes heat transfer area?

    The heat exchange area of the finned tube includes the effective surface area of the base tube and the entire outer surface area of the exposed portion of the fins.
    Calculation method of heat exchange area of finned tubes (taking HFW Solid Finned Tube as an example)
    For example: a finned tube is 1860mm long, and both ends are 30mm empty without fins. The diameter of the finned tube is 25mm, the bottom diameter thickness is 0.5mm, the tube thickness is 2mm, and the fin spacing is 2. 8mm, sheet thickness 0.35mm, fin outer diameter 57, effective sheet height 15.5mm, what is the heat exchange area of a finned tube?
    Answer: The calculation of the heat exchange area is generally based on the cumulative addition of all the parts exposed to the air, which can be divided into three parts.
    1, the surface area of the base pipe part (the thickness of the sheet needs to be deducted)
    2, the top of the fin (the surface area after the effective number of fins is accumulated)
    3. The surface area of the front and back sides of the fin. The sum of these three numbers is the heat exchange area of the finned tube.
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