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    Old Ammonia compressor still working

    Hello guys:
    We still have some old compressor working in an ice factory, this is due the fact we still use a waterfall and a turbine, so the speed range is very broad to be used by modern and more delicate compressors.
    This howe Compressor, i ignore its model, have some time in reserve but I still have a York 9X9 giving some problem and I need to put this Howe Compressor at work, problem is my father was the only one that knows how to purge and start it bur sadly he passed away later last year and we have no manuals or any useful infor about it and i wonder if one of you knows this machine and you may give me some input about? where to find a manual, info about how to purge it and start it?
    thank you so much in advance for any help you may give me in this regard
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