Hello fellow professionals. I am an industrial refrigeration technician and automation engineer working on a company. I currently reside in Brazil and I created an IOT product for refrigeration equipment in general. It collects data from equipment in real time and sends it to a server where an AI analyzes the data and based on the experience it has created, issues a fault diagnosis. Currently it has been working well in split, self and rooftop equipment. And now I want to move it to chillers, which creates a new scenario for me in which chillers have more complex behaviors and a variety of equipment configurations. Whoever is interested in the project and wants to discuss it or likes IOT I am open to hear tips and criticisms.

Big hug to all.

Data on the project:


The hardware monitors variables such as temperature, current and voltage of the equipment, sends the data over the internet (WIFI) where the AI ​​issues a diagnosis with 80% accuracy and 7 days in advance through a mobile APP.

How long to install: 3 hours on average

How many sensors: 7

Consume of data: 1mb hour.

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