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    Unhappy Rash of obstructed filter-driers

    Has anyone else experienced an increase in the number of C-163 filter-driers that develop an unacceptable pressure drop? I have had to change 4 recently. Previously, I have rarely had a drier become obstructed unless there was a severe contamination problem. Three were on four ton A/C systems and one on a bulk milk cooler. The repairs were either compressor changeouts or leak repairs. Minimal brazing was done. The compressor failures were not burnouts. Sporlan requested me to send them one to examine a few weeks ago, but I haven't had any reply back from them. They mentioned checking the porosity. I just would like to know if this might be an industry-wide problem. I can't afford callbacks!

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    A C-163 Catch-All filter-drier would easily handle liquid line flow from a 4 ton R-22 a/c system, and determining the cause of a restricted filter-drier from such an application is normally not difficult. The Prof will make a mental note to find out if his contaminants control group has received your filter-drier for analysis.
    Prof Sporlan

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    Rash of plugged liquid line driers

    I did not notice what refrigerant or oil?? How long was the systme open? Several years ago Copeland gave a seminar regarding the interim refrigerants and oils and some of the mixes therof. What an eye opener! One of the first things he said was words to the effect: "If any of your experiences are different than what I descrice, Please, Please let me know, we are all on a learning curve here."

    Bottom line: different refrigerants (particularly some of the blends) and oils (and of course moisture) can do strange things. I understnd that one of the manufacturers of oil makes an automobile product called "Slick 50". Several years ago, I treated my truck the second time with that product (over 100K miles), and blew the oil filter open (apparently some type of jell occured).

    Good Luck


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