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    Design Counters Ltd ???

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone heard of this company, have checked the yearbook and no sign of them - now here's the problem

    Got called out to one of the collages at Cambridge University today. They have 2 multidecks and 2 serve overs that require new on/off or light switches. Now the units don't have any labels on at all, checked inside,outside climbed over the top no details anywhere although when i looked in one of the fuse box's the wiring diagram had "Design counters ltd" on the top.

    The swiches are round, about 20mm accross push in and out to operate, have six terminals on the back and have a round clear green plastic button



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    Re: Design Counters Ltd ???

    Never heard of them

    Try RS components on-line

    They will do it

    Regards Bernard

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