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    Hitachi scroll compressors

    I was wondering if anybody had any information on horizontal Hitachi scroll compressors. As at present i am having trouble in finding any information this particular comprressor,particularly about the oil. Any help would be most helpful.

    tony deith.

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    Tony, going through the Hitachi site I found a link to which says they use Hitachi recommended SR30 POE oil.

    The actual Hitachi site seem to be just blah, blah and links to agents etc, anyway hope this helps.
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    Re: Hitachi scroll compressors

    I actually emailed these guys a couple of days ago and asked them for some specs on their compressors. I got a reply the next day with an attached pdf that had all the info I asked for. I was rather impressed by their quick response. This was at
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    Re: Hitachi scroll compressors

    Try the Hawco website. there are complete spec sheets there. I'm a newbee at this so can't post URL's yet but it's .uk > technical/Design support > Compressor & Condensing units. They're the European Master distributor for Hitachi Scrolls.

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