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    over-under pressure relief valve

    I am looking for a high capacity air pressure equalisation valve for a freezer tunnel.
    Nowhere I can find such a valve, has anybody experience with this?

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    What capacity do you need? Why not mount more little ones?
    Is much safer (in case of failure of one big valve)

    We always use those of Fermod
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    after calculation I need 14 smaller Fermod valves!

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    Hi Philip
    if this is a coldstore the fermod relief valves will be fine. But if you are blast freezing I would sugest making you own relief valves as the amount of these valves required would be just silly.
    make up a heated frame and fit this to the freezer wall, with a rubber flap that can be sucked inwards, once the pressure is equalized the flap will self seal. Also I would advise starting the fans in stages to minimise the chance of pulling down the ceiling.
    Kind Regards. Andy.

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