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Thread: Tev Question

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    Tev Question

    Ok I have this unit it haves a low temp 1/2 horsepower 404A condensing unit remote unit 50 feet away is de refrigeration unit with a 1/4 evaporator coil I want a 32-40F temp what type of valve I would use???

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    Your information is lacking. But if you have a unit that requires 3,000 btu/hr, then a 1/4 ton TEV would be appropriate. If the evaporator is equipped with a distributor, then you require an externally equalized TEV.

    The matter of location distance between the evaporator and condensing unit does not alter the size of the TEV, so if the refrigerator already has a TEV just use the one the manufacturer provided.

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    Depending upon where the compressor and evaporator balance at desired operating conditions, you may need an evaporator pressure regulator (EPR), or a crankcase pressure regulator (CPR), or perhaps both.

    If suction pressure runs too low for your desired 32-40F temperature, causing a high TD, then an EPR would be necessary. If suction pressure runs too high for compressor operation, then a CPR would be necessary.

    More information concerning the components would help here.
    Prof Sporlan

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