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R718 HVAC Systems

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Turbo Compressors

Danfoss Turbo Compressors is transforming the commercial HVAC market with innovative technology that redefines lifetime operating costs for mid-range chiller and rooftop applications.

Magnetic bearings, two stage centrifugal compression, a variable speed permanent magnet motor and intelligent electronic controls combine to create a sustainable energy efficient solution that is compact, lightweight and quiet.

Combining industrially proven component technologies largely sourced from the aerospace industry, Danfoss Turbocor compressors promise new horizons in energy efficiency. Reliability is assured with almost 35,000 compressors running in the field.
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  1. ice_cool's Avatar
    Danfoss is one of the top brand compressors in the world. We use this compressor in our walk-in cold rooms,refrigerated cold storage warehouse, supermarket refrigerator and supermarket freezer too. We have almost no compressor operation failure from our customers' feedback. I would like to recommend Danfoss compressor too.