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New freezing plant on H/G trawler *First Visit* VIDEO

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I was watching one of the welders as he was laying the second string of weld on a weld on the main suction pipe and got very mesmerized by how he was swaying his whole arm when welding.

In the days before welders had to be certified to weld on ***** systems I used to TIG weld myself, but I always needed to rest my wrist on the pipe to get support and therefore could only weld 5-10 centimeter at a time before I had to stop to change position.

Trying to weld without support, I would spend more time grinding the wolfram tip than actually welding because I kept prodding the wolfram tip into the weld

So here is a video of him welding... I had been watching him for maybe 5 minutes before I thought to bring out the camera and film it

I asked him why he was moving his arm so much instead of using the pipe or something else for support, and he said "if I support my arm I am only moving my wrist and then after half a day of welding my wrist hurts, this way I can weld all day without problems"
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  1. RANGER1's Avatar
    Never looked at this area before,I know very old blog.
    The guys I have watched rest the shroud on the pipe in a lot of beach welds etc
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