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New freezing plant on H/G trawler *First Visit* part 3

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360 degree picture of the area where our welding contractor set up.
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General arrangement plan (GA-plan from now on) showing the layout of evaporators in the cargo hold, liquid separator can be seen below the first row of evaporators to the left in the picture
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All the valves for the plant neatly sorted and marked with according to the piping diagram (we were lucky the shipyard gave us this place for our welding contractor to set up )
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Guys from our welding contractor, 2 welders and 3 pipe builders (guy with white helmet standing is from the ship yard). been working with this company for so long, all we have to do is put the main components in place, give them the pipe diagram and then come back for the pressure test, 10 stars from me
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Pipe diagram, hope it's blurry enough so you don't get any ideas

I will upload all pictures to as the project moves forward, but it will be 2-3 weeks before my next visit to the ship
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