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New freezing plant on H/G trawler *First Visit*

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Thought I'd try out the blog feature

This week I have been in Poland to start the building of a new NH3 freezing plant on a Norwegian trawler that has just been cut in half and lengthened 14 meters.

The ship was cut just forward of the engine room, and the new piece was put in to make the cargo hold and factory area bigger.

As it said in the header, it's a H/G trawler (H/G meaning head and guts), so all they do to the fish once it's on board is remove the head and guts before it goes into the plate freezers.

Once the fish has been processed, it's graded by size and sent to the plate freezers.

There are 10 DSI ( automatic platefreezers, and the freezing plant will have a capacity of 19+ metric tons/24hr depending on the amount of fish being caught and the speed of the factory.

The Freezing plant has two Howden XRV204 compressors, with economizer.
The cargo hold will take approx 1100 metric tons.

Total charge of NH3 will be approx 4-4.500 metric tons.

Pictures from the first visit on board:

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Welding company set up in the ship yard workshop
(suction pipe from the liquid separator being worked on (2nd day there)
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All electrical equipment will be placed in a separate room outside the NH3 Ex zone
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Shipyard worker, working on the ventilation and emergency ventilation from the compressor room
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Same as above
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Compressor room, liquid separator is two decks down suction pipe is coming up through the hole covered by pallets, bottom right in the picture.
Condensers will be mounted where you see the red foundations, new foundations are being made to lift the condensers about 1 meter up from the deck to make room for the HP receiver.
Center of the economizer vessel will be roughly where you see the end of the pallet in the back of the room

*More pictures to come*
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  1. Tycho's Avatar
    I will upload all pictures to as the project moves forward, but it will be 2-3 weeks before my next visit to the ship

    But to get comments on the pictures, you will have to wait for me to post here