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  1. Presure-Entalpy chart explained

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  2. 9 superheat & subcooling scenarios

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    • LOW CHARGE = High superheat. Low suction pressure, indoor TD, subcooling, head pressure & compressor current draw.
    • OVER CHARGE = Low superheat. Normal indoor TD. High suction pressure, subcooling, head pressure & compressor current draw.
    • LOW INDOOR AIR FLOW = Low superheat & suction pressure. Low to normal head pressure. High indoor TD. High to normal subcooling. Not much effect on current draw.
    • MILD LOW OUTDOOR AIR FLOW = Low superheat & subcooling. High suction
  3. Extending torque wrench correctly

  4. What is the purpose of having the capillary tube soldered to the suction line.

  5. Refrigerant circuit animation video

    Here is nice explanation:

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