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05-09-2007, 08:46 AM
Hi everibody!
Im project engineer from Spain and Im working in an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) project. We have thermal power at low temperature available, so we have to choose the best fluid to obtain the maximum performance. Reading some literature we realized that the best fluids for those applications are refrigerants.
The inlet conditions in the expander are: T=82C (pressure is not defined yet, is variable with the working fluid), and the outlet ones: 14,5C in winter and 33C in summer.
Studying the behavior of different fluids, we realized that the best ones are those which have less fluorines, that is; more shaft power and performance are obtained. Does nobody know if propanes with four or less fluorines exist? (The best fluid we have in this family is the pentafluoropropane R245fa). There are more pentafluoropropanes, depending of the fuorines position in the molecule, the problem is that we dont have any data. Could someone tell me a web page, a book, program or something to check more information about a wide range of refrigerants?
The final question: We have been studying the etanes and some eters, and we are in a doubt of choosing etanes or propanes. Could someone tell me if the eters are appropriate for our application?Does anybody know the best refrigerants manufacturers?

13-09-2007, 08:38 AM
I advise you the software EES (engineering equation solver). They have a big collection of refrigerant properties, and you can integrate them into an ORC model very easily.

15-10-2007, 01:25 AM

I am interested in a model of the ORC. Has anyone done one they can share? I am using isopentane