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31-07-2002, 08:08 PM
Hi all

Had some time to share here!!

Well this has come chemical engineering involved in it !

I was working on a VLE/LLE of binary mixtures containing HF, I was working mainly on with refrigerants and blowing agents. So most of my mixtures was like HF+R22, HF+R141b etc. The results were obtained through models and had no experimentation involved.Before the final results came up I had this differences in results with HF+R22 and HF+R142b where the R22 was not showing any phase splits or an Immiscible region where as R142b did.

So as a second step I investigated the associative nature of R142b and R22 as pure components as well as in the binary mixture with HF. As expected there was more hydrogen bonding in HF+R142b mixture when compared to HF+R22 mixture.This was done using Hyperchem.

My Question here is

1. How does the associative nature of R142b affects its properties as a refrigerant! Because in the analysis I found R142b self associating as well!!!

2. Can anyone comment on the idea of examining the phase coexistence properties of mixtures containing HF+Refrigerant or foam blowing agent as a step towards developement of new products!!!

Thanks for your time.