View Full Version : Resedential copland 2 stage

23-03-2007, 03:42 AM
I Under stand The older techumshe 2 SPEED risiprocating compresors that reversed rotation and pumped less at lower amps for efficency. Which had multiple falures in 410a aplications, wich I assume from higher pressure problems. But I want to Know more about the Copeland 2 STAGE Compressors.
I Have been told there is a solinoid bilt into the back side of the scroll that acts as an unloader similer to larger commercial riciprocating carlile models.
So it dumps hot gas bypass to suction lowering pressure and reducing amps. But to me it looks like that woud be inefficent as a compressor with bad valves. And Would that not cause severe overheating problems especially since they all come factory with a blanket? And Whould there not be severe oiling isuses for lack of volocity therefor most of the oil acummulating into the evap coil? We know that resedintial units have poor oil returns in general in most instalation applications.
Does any one have any info on this, and sites or lititure to back it up?