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23-10-2006, 04:53 AM
I put this up other in fora but just found new tech, so here goes...
I have a pet project involving seasonal thermal energy storage, solar thermal, and binary cycle power. Might i suggest checking out yourownpower.com , where you will find a paper, (Holdman et al), about the low temp geothermal installation in Chena, Alaska. A decommissioned and very slightly modified Carrier AC unit, (w/ rotary vane compressor) with 7MW rated input is used as an organic Rankine cycle motor, producing 4MW. The 70C hot side would be insufficient without the available very cold creek water, (5Csummer max).

I live in Saskatoon, there is an average of 4.5 months where snow making conditions are minimal.

Considered is STES with the storage medium binary ice, the input snow, the structure a monolithic dome. (website same...dot com),

I am here to pick some brains, i have many questions :
brine reclamation......freeze point reduction? CACL. nitrate, glycol, heat infiltration... binary ice vs ice ... the ice slurry is more conductive, (< surface area ... less phase change), but can be ramped down to minus 30C as spring approaches.

I have done some cost vs cooling capacity figurin an reconin, the dome comes in better than borehole, only slightly worse than snow pit.

I don't have room here to preempt the first seven "yeah buts" i hope this forum will raise the next seven.


PS where should this really be posted?