View Full Version : Rising cost of components

05-07-2018, 07:18 PM
I know costs go up but last year Sporlan raised their US prices in some cases by nearly 50%. As a small OEM we buy direct and now the minimums having gone from say 24 driers to 96. I must now buy 100 orifices per size. Are you all seeing the in you country?

monkey spanners
07-07-2018, 10:05 PM
Yeah, crank case heaters used to be about 28, just priced some up and they are 69.

07-07-2018, 10:14 PM
Only noticed price increase with refrigerants. Do you source direct from Sporlan or from a whesalers/suppliers?

Have you tried shopping around because even when dealing direct with OEMs, they can index their prices beyond list in some cases when the sales volume per order are considered small. Sometimes they do this so that other agents who agree to shift an agreed high volume of sales per season, can compete with everone else. Resulting in charging everyone else more who only have small orders pr season, so they can subsidise the agreements if they experience unexpected higher manufacturing costs that eat into their markups.