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02-01-2018, 12:17 PM
Re: A/C system with added super heat ?
Old news, use the search function and/or the correct forum section.
If it was really good everybody would use it.

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06-01-2018, 09:22 PM
Hi Frank,

Believe it or not Brian used to be like a human version of Google, perhaps he'd had enough of the grandkids that day. :-]

To be fair though I used the search function with Thermx and Solxenergy but it didn't return any results so why not ask the question?
I recall this subject cropping up here sometime back so going through the New Technology section I think it was here:

The link on the first post no longer works so you wouldn't know it was the same product.
On their new website there is a Mollier diagram and some deep down explanation. To be honest I'm a bit of a simpleton, once I see the phrase 'mass flow' that's me out.

On a Facebook group this came up a few days back. Can't post the link but one guy (Chris Griffiths, copied and pasted here if he doesn't mind) posted this and also got in contact with Solx for his dissertation.

The radiant heat from the sun heats the refrigerant in the discharge, increasing its temperature and velocity as it enters the Condenser. The increased temperature difference and velocity increases the rate of heat transfer in the Condenser. "The result being that refrigerant gas returns to a liquid state more efficiently, and earlier within the condensing chamber; therefore, causing the Expansion Valve via the logic of the system, to communicate to the compressor that sufficient liquid refrigerant is available and therefore to stage down."

Looks like they have been fitted with success according to other posters on the group.

Anyway, hope that helps. Hopefully someone here has fitted one and can provide first hand experience.