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12-12-2001, 06:33 PM
Equipped to survive
An easy load calculation problem I thought, as I was toying with the idea of winter insulating my igloo tent, so that ideally, the body heat of one person will heat the inside to a comfortable temperature, with outside temperatures of –40 degree Celsius
If it is possible.
How thick would I need the insulation to be if it was polyurethane?
The igloo tent is 2 meters by 1.3 meters with an apex height of 1.3 meters.
In my college days I could have worked it out by applying cold store cooling load formulas Q=MC (T1-T2) I don’t know the respiration heat of humans or the U value of polyurethane and am vague about the implications of infiltration loads. (Leaving or entering the insulated area)
I am going to need to consider other air conditioning factors as well.

In the artic, snow holes with 1 meter of overhead snow insulation provide a comfortable environment with the heat of a candle and has a cold trap area dug below the living area. If you’re below the tree line brushwood bevies and firewalls debatably provide a comfortable environment with an all night fire watch.
I am not sure of the utility or practicality of insulated, perhaps air conditioned tents turned into lightweight environmental survival capsules.

Easy load calculation problem! Forget it