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10-12-2001, 12:42 AM
On 13th of June 2000, the European Parliament adopted a resolution, approving a text by the Conciliation Committee on substances that deplete the ozone layer.

For the Commercial Air Conditioning and Refrigeration branche, Articles 5c & 17 of this text in particular are of importance. These articles describe further restrictions for the use of HCFC refrigerants such as R22. In short, the articles state the following:

Article 5c(iii) & 5c(iv)
The use of HCFC refrigerants in new equipment shall be prohibited according to the following schedule:
01/01/2000: In public and distribution cold stores and warehouses
01/01/2000: In equipment with shaft input > 150 kW
01/01/2001: In air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment with cooling capacity > 100 kW
01/01/2001: In refrigeration equipment with cooling capacity < 100 kW
01/07/2002: In fixed air-conditioning equipment with cooling capacity < 100 kW
01/01/2004: In reversible air-conditioning/heat pump systems

Article 5c(v)
The use of HCFC's shall be prohibited for maintenance and service of refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment:
01/01/2010: Virgin HCFC
01/01/2015: Recycled HCFC (to be reviewed before 31/12/2008)

Article 17
All precautionary measures practicable shall be taken to prevent and minimise leakages of controlled substances. In particular, fixed equipment with a refrigerating fluid charge of more than 3 kg shall be checked for leakages annually.

10-12-2001, 05:00 AM
Sure, The scientists that came up with the models will admitt that the chlorine released by the earths volcanic acitivity is several tons per day. Our EPA responce to this fact is: "Well, we cant do anything about what nature does. But we can do something about the several tons per year that have been being released in the past with out reguard to the enviroment.

Seems this chlorine comming out of earths oceans through volcanic and natural pressures are distructive to the "scientists models".

Oh well, just another way to make a dollar and have the poor at the bottom pay for it.

10-12-2001, 12:44 PM
About the biggest business in refrigeration of last century, I would like to suggest to everyone interested, the reading of a chapter of a Kary Mullis's book, called "Dancing naked in the mind field".
Kary Mullis is a Nobel Prize in chemistry. In the chapter called "What happened to the scientific method?" he writes, among the other:
" The indirect evidences about ozone's belt reduction are ABSURD."

Try looking for this book and let me know what do you think.