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23-06-2017, 08:48 PM
A Hotpoint fridge freezer FF175BP model was found to have been the fridge at the centre of the Grenfell Tower tragedy which has left 79 people dead or missing presumed dead.

For the past 6 years there has been, on average 4 Fridge/Freezer fires a week in the UK!

The rush to putting flammable refrigerants in peoples homes and businesses without proper standards, training and legislation will result in further incidents of the nature that are occurring at present.

23-06-2017, 10:21 PM
Hi hookster

That was what we were discussing last week was it not?
Do you happen to know what actual gas is in that model of fridge?

Strange how everyone is keeping quiet above the incendiary device masquerading as a Fridge.
The media are really going to town about the cladding.
Just wait till this connection starts to be explored.


23-06-2017, 10:34 PM
I would image it is R600 as most are nowadays.

Just checked the web and it is all over the UK press so we know tomorrows headlines.

23-06-2017, 11:37 PM
We all know that putting something that has an explosive risk in a kitchen is stupid, but hey we are just minions years years ago a plant went up on the continent and what a catastrophy,will they change no dead people cost nothing ,yep we will all chip in to compensate errors made by clever idiots, rant over!

24-06-2017, 04:25 AM

Since 2013 London Fire Brigade have been calling for manufacturers supplying to the UK to produce fridges with metal backs not flammable plastic backs and insulated foam blown with hydrocarbons.

America and some countries in Europe have legislation that fridges have to be a metal foam sandwich construction which increases the fire rating of composite insulated products. Every insulation product tested by Warrington for its fire rating is always tested with a metal backing to get its approval.
The tragedy of Grenfell towers was route caused by a badly constructed refrigerator clad in plastic and insulation, then a building was clad in plastic and insulation with an air gap ensuring this was a time bomb waiting to happen.

It is time as an industry we stood up to the 'Green Drive' and actually looked at the construction of refrigeration systems. It is much safer to have a non flammable refrigerant put into a better contained system to prevent environmental leakage than a badly designed system with the additional risk of flammable refrigerants and an improvement in 'Green' credentials because in my book CO2 equivalent of 1 is still 1 tonne of environmental damage!

Until our industry kills enough people there will be no improvement on construction, training and legislation!
The fridge was running on R600.

24-06-2017, 07:57 AM
I wonder whose idea was to legislate r600 in domestic products?

24-06-2017, 09:00 PM
Last year there was one with an Indesit fridge be interested as to what refrigerant they were using in both cases. Also the start of the fire with these fridge freezer seems connected to the defrost system, once the fire starts the insulation of the fridge and if the gas is released which will be more flammable and probably explosive it won't take long for it to engulf a flat or house
Very worrying I think and I can see major changes to how these fridge and fridge freezers are made and insulated by the manufacturers. For now a fire alarm beside your fridge / tumble drier may at least give you some chance and a warning if you are at home.