View Full Version : Ultimate cooling for CPU+GPU+DDR4

16-11-2016, 09:21 PM
Hello to all.
I hope to receive advice from experienced people.
1 CPU, 2 (or maybe 4) GPU, as well as the 8 pieces DDR4 make it difficult to direct-die at all points.

Overall - 900 - 2500 watts heat. CPU - 250-400 watts, GPU-300-500, DDR4 - 50-100 watts.

1) As an option - the chiller - 1 stage.
2) It is also an option - CPU - cascade direct-die, to the rest - the chiller.
3) Also, as an option - 3-stage cascade on CPU, or autocascad Kleemenko cycle 6 refrigerants, including argon.
4) +add cascade chiller to rest.
5) Stirling chiller on all,

Also, I ask for help in choosing a compressor.
I choose a more powerful 1 phase 230 volts.
Here following the models that I found:
1. Tecumseh TAG2522Z (recip 5 or 6HP)
2. Panasonic C-SBS200H15A (rotary 5.8HP)
3. Danfoss NTZ068 (recip 2.3HP)
4. Danfoss LTZ028 (recip 2.5HP)
5. Danfoss LTZ050 (recip 5HP)
6. Copeland ZB42KCE-PFJ (scroll 5.5HP)

Many times there is information that for temperatures below -100 C, the most favorable cycle - Stirling.
But Stirling consumer, which would separately sold, is not found.
Here is a man bought a cryocooler from ebay and redid it, it is clear that the power of a very little, but there is an example.

Where can I buy separately Stirling acceptable consumer power?

Im found Stirling Cryogenics SPC-1 Cryogenerator
70 dB
200-2800W @ 40-160K
- on 113C 6500 watts consumption 2800 watts cold - COP 43%.
But 551 kg and cost too much.