View Full Version : Project beer fonts fully frosted for my craft beer

Scott Levoune
18-02-2016, 09:55 PM
I was wondering and keen on advise for the cheapest and best way to frost up my home fonts.

I was thinking of buying a really small bar fridge. Change the thermostat. Insulate the walls a bit more. Get a 4 litre icecream bucket with glycol and a pond pump for recirculation.

Whats peoples thought on the life span of running a fridge below design? Will it get to the temp i set it to...

It wont be permanently on. Only for parties or drinking occasions. For a few hours or so.

If a glycol chiller wasnt so expensive and i had a bigger set up then i would buy one.

I was looking into medical freezers as they are small but it seems the glycol chiller is cheaper.

My supplier said he had and old glycol chiller with a wierd noise for cheap and i was tempted to look at it but as i wasnt sure if parts are easy to get a hold of.

I was thinking even of permanently hooking the refrigeration part into the glycol coil but wasnt sure it would work the way i wanted it to.

Thanks guys for your comments

18-02-2016, 11:05 PM
Why not check around any pubs closing down or going through refits and see if theres any of them small undercounter beer chillers floating around and change out the water for glycol, or maybe find one on the buy and sell sites and you could tap your lines through it for xtracool beer aswell haha

Scott Levoune
19-02-2016, 12:02 AM
I was thinking about water chillers. The kegs are stored in a fridge so its not the coldness of the beer so much that im after.

Would a water chiller with glycol be able to run cold enough to frost the fonts up. I reckon it would condensate but thats about it. I would probably have to change over the thernostat.

Is a beer chiller much different to a water chiller

20-02-2016, 10:05 PM
All you need to frost up the fonts is to drop the temperature below dew point. Doesn't necessarily need to be below freezing.