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20-07-2015, 06:37 PM
Hi Guys,
I posted questions about this compressor a few years ago and finally finished the unit and put it into use.

Here's a quick video of the restoration as well as a decent recording of what it sounds like running. Microphone was about a foot or less from the compressor. In person you almost can't tell when it's running. When I was timing it's cycles I had to get up and stand right next to it to make sure it was still on a few times.


Here's a link to what it's oscillating type compressor looks like. This isn't one of mine as none of mine have been opened, but is an identical model that a friend cut open as it was seized and couldn't be broke loose electrically.


Here's a short video he filmed of it running after he got things moving.


And finally, a video of him turning it by hand to show how it pumps.


The machine is mostly original except I installed a capillary tube to replace the badly worn float valve and I replaced most of the wiring. Everything else was cosmetic. It's currently maintaining around a 31-32F cabinet temp which is perfect for me.

monkey spanners
20-07-2015, 08:27 PM
Awesome work! I have an old Frigidaire freezer with a metermiser compressor i am planning to get working again, it still runs but no longer pumps.

20-07-2015, 08:32 PM
Awesome work! I have an old Frigidaire freezer with a metermiser compressor i am planning to get working again, it still runs but no longer pumps.

Was that the rotary they were making back in the 1930s? Seems odd it wouldn't pump, maybe stuck valve?

21-07-2015, 02:29 AM
Excellent restoration job. Frigidaire fridges and dual temps., had those rotary metermizer/ cyclimatic compressors in them here up until the late 60's. Super quiet. They had a suction connection on the side for a special connection tool. Now I am showing my age.

21-07-2015, 04:17 AM
The good news is I have two more CA series monitor tops to restore. My next one will be a painted cabinet with a 1934 CA-2-B16 top and I plan on doing spray foam insulation and some modifications this time around. Things will still look original, aside from the capillary tube as they all have damaged float valves, but I expect even better performance.

Right now, this unit seems to be doing 35kwh per month which isn't bad but I think I can do better especially with 3 inches of spray foam instead of the original cardboard insulation. On the next one I'm also thinking about a way to insulate the top of the evaporator from the top plate with something better than just strips of cork.

I also want to find a way to sneak the capillary tube up inside the insulated space in the top rather than in the cabinet. I suspect I can braze it to the suction line as well to pick up some performance.