View Full Version : Hr12 / Er12 R600 & R290

24-04-2006, 09:43 AM
Hi There

I'm perplexed

I've a Holden Vectra (Thatís the same as the VX Vectra B In the U.K) . The car A/C is charged with R134a and has recently experienced compressor failure. I've found pricing and details for a new compressor, but I've been hearing about R134a and itsí issues with high head pressures and compressor failure etc. I've also been hearing much about using hydrocarbons as refrigerants, a practice that is legal here in South Australia. I've discovered I can run HR-12 which I understand to be 50% Propane and 50% iso Butane....?

My vehicle normally takes 930g of R134a and can supposedly (according to the HR-12 manufacturer) support HR-12 with a charge of only 270g and Iím told it is "Drop In" compatible and will likely perform better and with less compressor wear than if I gassed with R134a.

Is this correct or not. Aus gets damn hot and Vectras don't cope well A/C wise here.

You thoughts and advice please.