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08-10-2001, 01:27 PM
I bought a fine young Patterdale Terrier just a month ago. He is 5 months as of the 5th. What a pistol! Great dog, he has settled in nicely with our other dogs, he does show a bit of contention for our cat though... LOL! But he listens to me... leaves the cat alone, but I wouldn't want to leave the two alone together.

I am going to make a few earths and my own drags using red fox urine as well as raccoon. I figure by the time he is 1 year old... he will locate nicely and enter without hesitation... but to be honest, he already pokes into any crack, hole or crevice he runs across.

I call him Chester.

25-10-2001, 01:55 AM
Well, I took him out as an observer... we gave him one freshly killed groundhog. This pup is going to be HARD on game! Absolutely no hesitation, no coaxing needed... he ragged the heck out of that carcass... I had to take it away from him, he was absolutely livid the moment it was presented to him!

Later the same day, he tried to go to ground behind a veteran terrier, my buddy was right there and stopped him. In that hole was a 23 pound raccoon. I tied my pup off. We took the raccoon live to be relocated. All the while that my pup was tied back... he was straining at the chain toward the hole and where we were digging. After we caught and caged the raccoon.... he broke the keyring that fastened his chain to the tie-out stake! Of course he didn't engage the coon but if the cage hadn't stopped him he would have! He is absolutely fearless!

I am rebuilding his tie-out with stronger material now... I won't let him engage or go to ground until he is a year or so old.:D