View Full Version : rain forest habitat

Robert Rumpff
07-08-2001, 03:40 PM
I guess this would be one of my many hobbies. I have a rainforest type eco system operating in my kitchen. It is 6' wide 7' tall and 1.5' deep. It has been running for about 12 years, is hand built of plexi-glass atop a 125 gallon aquarium. There is a land section, 2 ponds, a stream and a canopy. Built in reptile lights and a sprayer set-up to provide rain. It is inhabited by 4 red-eyed tree frogs, 6 mantella frogs, several anoles, newts, salimanders and guppies. I'm not sure about the numbers as some of these animals do breed in there.

13-12-2001, 11:16 PM
wow sound like a friend of mine who keeps lizzards, spiders and the like.
maintaining the environmental temperature, light and humidity sounds like you have the tropical world in a tank.
interesting read thanks.:)