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21-06-2005, 02:54 PM
I want to try out something different.

There is a place, a shop , which is around 7 metres x 7 metres with a high ceiling. 4 metres about.

All customer wants is cooling.............no fancy air conditioners.

If I put in a cellar cooler type system , will it worK ?

ie: a large evaporator, linked to a condensing unit and a stat to control room temperature. One simple on / off switch,

Is this a crazy notion or do u think it WILL work and bring the temperature of the shop down.

Of course theres the noise factor of the fans...........Russell I think do whisper quiet Cellar evaporators which are very quiet.

But what about the evaporating temps, superheats, etc, Just want to be sure it is technically possible and what size equipment I need to be selecting, before I embark on a major loss making debuncle

The temp in the place today must have been higher then 30C , what with multi decks and bottle coolers all belting out heat into shop

21-06-2005, 04:20 PM
It'll definitely work - but why someone would do that is beyond me because the prices of AC units these days are extremely low - especially those from China - and they work too !

21-06-2005, 07:36 PM
Hi Aiyub

I think the noise factor would be irritating.Try pricing for a hiar a/c system.

Regards Bernard

neil sailes
21-06-2005, 08:29 PM
Hello Aiyub.

How would you control the relative humidity.


chillin out
22-06-2005, 12:21 AM
Hi Aiyub

The temp in the place today must have been higher then 30C , what with multi decks and bottle coolers all belting out heat into shop

cant you put remote units on these and then just put a fresh air vent in?

22-06-2005, 02:50 PM

What is hiar A/C ?

22-06-2005, 05:43 PM

Haier is a/c from china,I,m sure there are a few people with views on this make.But if you have a customer who dosen,t want to spend big money then Haier is an alternative.

Regards Bernard

22-06-2005, 07:14 PM
Haier is a/c from china,I,m sure there are a few people with views on this make.

Yeah, right. They will benefit but your bottom line just keeps geting smaller and smaller with every call back. Get them to invest in something reliable. It works out cheaper in the end.

22-06-2005, 08:14 PM
Chem and Peter!

What do u think??

Please advise!!


22-06-2005, 08:15 PM

My last employer would always give three quotes covering each end of the market explaining the pros and cons of each unit including the after sales package of each system.Being a small company up against companies just buying work and companies undersizing equipment,he had to cover all bases and give the customer the option.Right or wrong I don,t know,but he always kept me busy the way I like it.

Regards Bernard

22-06-2005, 08:29 PM
Noise wise, I don't like the flexible ducts.
Sheet metal ones will be my choice, insulated with acoustic insulation, and air registers at every air vent. Does the trick.

Most of the small mini splits, Haier and "friends", are getting better by the day, I would not be surprised if they last just as long as the top Japanese makers.

One little problem though, I have never seen spare parts for them.

Chemi :)

22-06-2005, 09:16 PM
We did it already many times Aiyub.
The first time was +/- 20 years ago for a praline factory.
We then installed 4 FrigaBohn TA evaporators connected to Copeland DRQ500 (pistons) R22 condensing units.
They're still running.

Things to consider (others also mentioned some)
Chose evaporators with slow turning fans (not for the drought but for the noise)
You will evaporate at 0C or higher. At these conditions, you're removing a lot of heat. The condensers on the standard units are too small to cope with this amount of heat. You will need to ask for a bigger condenser (we asked in the past several times a 5 HP compressor on a 7.5 HP condensing unit)
Don't worry about superheat, the correct sized TEV will do this for you.

But...as Bersaga said...foreign units are these days so cheap and well made that I should install now these units instead of a standard condensing unit. The have big coils in the condensing units, they're already in a weatherproof casing, prefilled,...
As mentioned in other threads, we used several times Shining machines and are very satisfied about it.

Don't forget that many of these foreign manufacturers were a long time the main assemblers of the famous, well known Japanese units.
Shining assembeld 15 years the Daikin units, they're making now the VRVII with Daikin compressors at half the price.

Spare parts....sometimes very hard to get them at Daikin. Some years ago, it took almost a week before we received a new compressor for a condensing unit, installed at Kodak in the same street of the Daikin factory in Ostend!!

We had once a small problem with a Shining PCB in the indoor unit. They gave us a complete new indoor unit.

And I earn the same when installing Shining units: just calculate the savings when installing a Welll known brand and add these same savings to your Haier or Shining price. You will win all the quotes. And let's face it: that's why we're all doing this, to earn some money with as less sorrows as possible.