View Full Version : :rolleyes: capillary tube size in distributor?

27-04-2005, 08:26 AM
Hi there

Actually my question is that we use expansion valves in DX coils and for larger coils distributors are used with capillaries (each capillary making its own circuit).

Now my question is how much length of capillary to be used in Distributor? as Thermostatic expansion valve is already there

What effect this capillary makes on expansion and what effect will it have on selection of expansion valve. :confused: :confused: :confused:

27-04-2005, 09:21 AM
Dear abbasi,

Try this link:


It is the technical leaflet for Danfoss refrigerant distributors. It shows the relation between capacity (of a section of the evaporator), the tube diameter, the evaporating temp. , the pressure drop and the length of the distributor tube.

08-07-2006, 03:56 PM
These are not, in fact, the capillaries ( and does not act like capillry) which you see with distributor. They are provided to ensure the metered flow of Lp liquid equally to all the circuit of the coil.

It is adviced to keep the equal length of all the tubes of the distributor to the coil.

Length of the tube is more an approach criteria and less the design one.