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Alt Concepts
25-02-2005, 07:18 PM
Can anyone suggest how one might be able to inquire on or discuss an idea to improve a product or operation process without jeopardizing a possible interest to peruse its development. Or perhaps just be able to submit to the R&D of an existing company for review on its potential for adoption, or rejection. Because frankly Iíve heard the patent process is really a drag and is riddled with hurdles, brick walls and a deafening sound of slamming doors..
My question is that even though Iíve not seen my idea in the field, (primarily the commercial/wholesale refrigeration food market)
I would love to run it by some real experts, (preferably the intelligently brilliant yet humble type as apposed to the intelligently brilliant arrogant, condescending type), so that I may know if it exists, or if its practical or if it would even work.
My idea is an improvement process for a more efficient defrost cycle of low temperature fan or static coils within the supermarket, wholesale cold storage industry.
The process(idea), utilized a combination of electric and hot gas defrost features while considerably reducing power consumption. Other benefits might be:
Avoiding flood backs - no need for third hot gas line - Able to modify existing systems, hot gas or electrical - able to achieve similar defrost times as full hot gas system - Is more accurate as to avoid excessive heat infiltration - Greatly reduces potential compressor ware or damage..... And so on..
I have a prototype of the concept within a customers 36' frozen ice cream case line up. So far Iíve only toyed with it while doing other work there. Meaning, I havenít felt comfortable yet to leave it unattended, but it seems to be working well.

Let me just say this, Iím not the engineer or technically detailed type but more the conceptual/innovator type that can think outside the box. Though Iím admittingly humble and receptive to correction or insight that would either support or even squash an Idea.. Hey, sometimes the squash part would be greatly welcomed so that I could stop pondering possible dead ends.

chillin out
25-02-2005, 07:39 PM
Hi Alt Concepts

Your not thinking of using sound wave frequencies are you? :) or gas burners? lol

Also if you are thinking of using liquid bypassing the tev (or eev) its already been done.

If you have a good idea good luck but don`t be surprised if its already been done. Refrigeration has been around a long time and some of the old ways of doing things that were forgotten have been resurrected .

Alt Concepts
25-02-2005, 07:49 PM
No, not sound or gas burners..

Not liquid bypass either, but it does have to do with eliminating the inefficientcy of convection by electric heaters to conduction. Creating a local hot gas defrost sourse without interuption.

28-02-2005, 12:00 AM
Heard a coil salesman who would start his talks out by telling everyone he would give us a simple idea that could make anyone wealthy beyond our dreams. Got our attention right away.

All you have to do (he would say) is to invent a way for frost not to stick to coils.

It could be a coating of some kind, or a way of creating a moisture repelling field or surface, but if the frost would not stick, or if the fans could blow the frost off as it forms....

The amount of energy saved in not heating the coils to melt the ice and then running the refrigeration system to remove the residual heat again, multiplied times every freezer in the world several times a day, would make your product or process the most valuable thing ever to happen in our field.

Go for it!


Alt Concepts
28-02-2005, 06:01 AM
No, this isnt Shogun, was there something about the post that indicated Shogun was the originator? Has this discussion come up before?

13-09-2005, 02:35 AM
Hi Mike,
Defrosting is key tech for many refrigeration and heat pump equipment. I appreciate your interest in new ideas and new method. Refrigeration is a traditional industry and it's stagnant comparing with the fast developing fields. We have a web-based team to study some issues in the spare time. If you have any ideas,i'd like to do some detailed analyse for you.


13-09-2005, 12:55 PM
Alt Concept hi , how are you ?
Always happy to hear about new innovations . . .
You said that you are trying to eliminate the infenciency of convection by transforming the heat transfer to conduction . . . and you said that you will have a local hot gas defrost without intoruption , are you trying to stick the electrical heater between the fins of the evaporator ?