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07-02-2005, 11:35 AM
XLintQuote, a new product selection and ordering application has been
released by Xoetrope. The software is designed for manufacturers,
distributors and SMEs who wish to streamline the ordering process.

Excel spreadsheets are used to organise product data, making the
software quick and easy to use. XLintQuote's built-in wizard transforms
the spreadsheet into an easy to use product selection and ordering
application which can be distributed via internet or on CD.

A sophisticated shopping basket is used to create orders which can be
saved, reopened and reviewed at any time. When done customers can simply
forward an order to the manufacturer/distributor.

XLintQuote is part of a family of product selection and ordering tools
on offer from Xoetrope. XLintQuote can be extended and customized for
even the most complex product selections. This highly cost effective
technology has been used in numerous customisation projects for leading
international technology companies.

XLintQuote is based upon proven technologies such as Java, XML,
Microsoft Excel and Xoetrope's own open source platform 'XUI' and will
easily integrate into existing systems, whatever the platform.

For a limited period, Xoetrope is offering a one year subscription to
XLintQuote at a special rate of 99. Subscribers gain access to all new
releases, enhancements and upgrades for that period. An evaluation
version may also be downloaded for the Xoetrope website.


About Xoetrope:

Xoetrope is an award winning Dublin based builder of Open Source and
commercial tools for software development and product selection. Xoetrope
also provides turnkey consultancy and development services.

Xoetrope is a leading proponent of open source technology and makes
extensive use of open source tools to give customers flexible and cost
effective solutions. In return Xoetrope has contributed tools such as
XUI, a
leading 'rich client' application development framework and TestPilot to
open source community, in the process gaining a diverse and loyal

Java is a registered trademark of Sun Microsystems.
Excel is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

07-02-2005, 01:28 PM
Are you by any chance a salesman of this company?? ;)

Chemi :)