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16-01-2010, 05:30 PM
A couple of years ago a large chewing gum manufacturer in Israel hit upon a novel method to promote their new range of "Cool" chewing gum.
They rented a shop from Herod's Palace on the Eilat promenade and had the company I worked for install a blast chiller with minimal behind the scenes polyeurethane insulation.They cast shelving and fixtures in a freezer and had 2 top ice sculptors flown in from Norway to provide the very attractive sculptures.
In an attempt to reduce cost and increase profit, no oil seperator was fitted to the 5H.P. Maneurop hermetique compressor.It was a temporary promotion not supposed to last more than 3 months.It proved so popular, it was held open all through the summer.2 compressors "died" in that time and the projects manager had to scour the country to locate a replacement before everything defrosted.The temperature was held at minus 10 C.Enough to maintain the frozen fixtures and fittings whilst not freezing the bollocks off the visitors with the state of the art silver cloaks supplied with the 1 complimentary drink for the punters.
As I was the only engineer from the UK, it was decided I would be on 24hours call-out as I was used to the temperature.
Now whether as a result of that promotion or just the ever more imaginative schemes to provide entertainment for the visitors to Eilat, an ice park has been under construction for the past 3 years.
Eilat has always been very popular as the most northern coral reef in the world.Shared of course by Aqaba.It has provided a very good natural school for scuba diving due to its very calm warm waters.In fact it was my love of scuba diving and marine aquariums that originally drew me to settle here from Bournemouth.
That was some 25 years ago.
I wait with baited breath!

I will try and locate the photos I took trying to fix a dial thermometer to a wall of ice!

16-01-2010, 09:00 PM
Give me a call on 054-7738801
I cant find yours. I spend a lot of time in the ערבה lately.


18-01-2010, 09:03 PM

Had a great time there in 2005. met up with Chemi for a 'Turkish'

Saw a few sites, got interrogated in the local shopping centre for trying to smuggle metal through the metal detector..ha ha (glasses case) and really enjoyed the 'Pyramid' queuing for the lift (as Chemi puts it) in the hotel.

Great place...will visit again in the not too distant future.





22-01-2010, 11:58 AM
The system shown here utilises a vacuum pump to fill the large tunnel.They "borrowed" the technology from a small system I displayed on YouTube to show how to replenish oxygen through small holes on the waterline when pulling a vacuum.
What they have done is place fish feeding hatches exactly on the waterline.
I am now using the tunnel as a promotional tool for this system.
This system has been in development/operating since 2004.It is registered as my intellectual property and has a US patent.
The system is named "The Romaurie Effect" as someone copied the principal to produce "stand-alone" inverted aquariums and we wanted no confusion as to where the basic principal was developed.
[nearly "totalled" the company 5cu/ft vacuum pump on the initial test].
I am now employing "home-made" vacuum pumps from discarded small capacity compressors condemned by "over-zealous" youngsters posing as refrigeration engineers and wanting to establish a fast name for themselves.
Good for sales until a customer asks for the old comp asnd gets someone else to check it.
Of course when "Joe Muggins" was sent to replace the compressor, usually in the most horrific filthy location, I had to keep "shtum" when I tested the comp and found it worked.
Just "Google" The Romaurie Effect to see thye latest "Paramoidal" aquarium.

28-07-2010, 06:25 AM
I was seen this video its amazing one.Thanks for sharing this video with us.