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27-12-2004, 10:21 PM
Need help with 2 Coolmation water chillers which are in a plastics injection plant.

Both are Model ACC 10

First one: Got a leak on the Heat Exchanger, just at the point of pipe entry. My " engineer" tells me not to get involved on this one as he reckons these things are notoriously difficult to repair.

I can either replace the Heat Exchanger or attempt a repair.
What should I do ??
I dont want to pass over the job by telling customer I dont want to do it.
Someone more experienced on this type of job can advise me.

Second Unit.

When you press the start button the unit fires up and runs smoothly. As soon as you release the start button the whole system stops.

The Flow switches are ok.
Do I have a faulty start button or something more sinister?

27-12-2004, 11:34 PM
As far as I could find on their website, the Coolmation units are in fact Rhoss chillers from Italy.

For the 1st unit: if you're sure that it's only the entry, why not try to solder? On the other hand, if you can tell your customer that the HE is broken and need to be replaced, then you earn more.
But if you can repair it, then this is better for your ego and you will have a csutomer who will appreciate your efforts to repare instead of replacing. He will have perhaps more trust in you.
Soldering it is not so difficult: use silver rods 40%AG and wrap wet clothes around the HE. Point flame away from HE when soldering. As soon soldering is finished, cool the HE with water. We did it even last Saturday.

Second unit: if it's a Rhoss-unit, have you tried it when the side cover was open? If so, then this will be the possible cause.
There is a small, round push button mounted on the right hand of the automatic fuse which interrupts the power as soon as you open the side cover (not the small see-through flap ion the outside)
You can push indeed the start button but as soon you release it, it will pop out again due to the open cover.

You're sure about the flowswitch Aiyub? In a Rhoss unit, it's more a pressure differential protector then a flowswitch. There is also an freeze-up protection which you can read out on the instrument itselves.

You don't have air in the system?
Released the air at the spindle of the pump itselves?
Is the cap on the automatic purger opened at least 1 rotation?

You have to go then as far as I can remember to a higher program level after entering the password.

There are further no more protections in the electrical circuit in this small units I think.

Hopes this helped.


28-12-2004, 05:29 AM
Hi Abe.

Dont let go on this plastic factory, they are good clients!

Chemi :)